Tea Parties

Is this a grassroots revolution or the biggest piece of astroturf ever seen?

In 2009 the Tea Party movement emerged out of nowhere to become a huge stumbling block for the reform agenda of the Democrats and President Obama. But while the movement portrays itself as a group of mom and dad patriots ‘Tea Party’ is a reference to the Boston Tea Party), (Astro) Turf Wars examines roots of the movement and finds some well established big money players.

Watch the film to find out

"USA USA" – A grassroots revolution emerges

But who are the Tea Party Express?

Do you believe FreedomWorks are real grassroots?

100,000 screaming patriots in Washington DC for the 912 Tea Party

Much of the Tea Party messaging centres around labelling the Democrat agenda as socialist/communist

Professor Mark Crispin Miller regards labels like 'socialism' as propaganda, disguising hidden corporate agendas